Pay Online

Benefits of Paying Online

Sign in now to make a payment online.

How to Get Started

To make a one-time electronic payment to your account:

Step Number Procedure
Step 1: Sign in to your account.
Step 2: Click "Make a Payment."
Step 3: Enter payment information—you can save your bank account for future use.
Step 4: Hit the "Make a Payment" button and relax for another month.

Remember: this is a one-time payment. To set up automatic monthly payments, get Direct Debit.

Targeting Payments

If you have extra funds to pay towards your loans, targeting payment may be your best option. Targeting payments:

To maximize the benefit of paying extra, we encourage you to target the additional amount to unsubsidized loans and loans with higher interest rates.

If you don't target your payments, the extra funds will be disbursed evenly to all loans on your account.

NOTE: Paying more than the minimum amount could place your account in a paid ahead status.

The easiest way to target your payments is to pay online. However, if you want to have all of your future payments targeted in the same way, you can write to us and provide such standing instructions (mail or email). You will need to detail how you want your payments distributed across your individual loans. We can talk you through this process if you contact us, or you can see an example of what you may wish to include with your request by reviewing the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's sample letter (DOC) about providing such instructions.

How to Target Payments

To target payment amounts to specific loans:

Step Number Procedure
Step 1: Sign in to your account.
Step 2: Click "Make a Payment."
Step 3: Select the "Specify Loan Payment Amounts" tab.
Step 4: Enter payment information (Minimum Amount Due + Additional Funds).
Step 5: Hit the "Make a Payment" button.

Payment Processing Timeline

Does your due date fall on a weekend or holiday? Find out when we process these payments.