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Are you having problems organizing your budget? Want to make smart choices with your $$?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is no need to worry. FedLoan Servicing is here to help!


FedLoan Servicing has developed a website dedicated to helping student loan borrowers with all things related to managing debt and money - YouCanDealWithIt.com. With YouCanDealWithIt's help, you can get help with your toughest financial questions.

What is Budget Central?

Budget Central will point you to the most useful information on YouCanDealWithIt.com and MyFedLoan.org to get you started on the right path to a solid financial foundation.

And the sooner you start having a plan for your money, the closer you will be to achieving your financial goals.

Getting Started & Budgeting

The first step to managing your money is determining how much you make and how much your bills take. From there you can make adjustments as necessary to fit your life style, reach your savings goals, or reduce your expenses.

Check out these tips and tools to get you started.


  • How to Budget
    Take this simple approach to help you keep a little more in your wallet.
  • How to Save
    Set money aside for short-term and long-term goals, emergencies, and even retirement.


  • Expense Worksheet
    Write down exactly what you spend per month to see where your money is going monthly and annually.
  • Budget Builder
    Break down your monthly expenses to make it easier for you to see where exactly your money is going.

Financial Education

There is more to managing your finances than a budget. Things like your credit score and credit card debt can greatly impact your ability to make major purchases or reach your financial goals.

Check out these tips and tools to get you in the know.



  • Debt Repayment Calculator
    Let this calculator show you how you can pay off debt in a shorter amount of time and save money.

Paying your Student Loans

In today's world, student loan payments are a big chunk of everyone's budget. Many don't know there are options available to make repaying your student loans more flexible.

Check out these tips and tools to help you pick a student loan repayment strategy that is right for you.


  • Grace Period
    Find out the benefits of making payments during your grace period, if your loan has one.
  • Ways to Pay
    There are many options for paying your student loans. The choice is yours.
  • Repayment Plans
    Decide which repayment plan may work best for you (if you qualify).
  • Loan Consolidation
    Combine one or more existing student loans into a single new loan.
  • Loan Payoff
    Say goodbye to monthly payments and pay your loan in full.


YouCanDealWithIt.com - For more information on managing debt, your finances, or your student loans - visit YouCanDealWithIt.com